New recyclable TPU from API

Thermo-abrasion resistant for producing soles in a single-step cycle

Materials - Wednesday, 27 February 2019

The Italian company specialized in the production of thermoplastic elastomeric compounds and bioplastics, API, which was acquired by global materials company Trinseo in July 2017, presented the new recyclable TPU Apilon 52 A/C-series at Simac Tanning Tech 2019, (February 20-22, Milan). In order to demonstrate the advantages of this material solution in the production process, actual soles were produced in a one-shot production solution at the tradeshow.

Apilon 52 A/C series, a new lightweight footwear solution of thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) materials, offers an outstanding combination of soft touch, aesthetics and lightness, and a very high thermoabrasion resistance comparable even with rubber according to DIN 53516. The recyclable material reduces production cycle time by up to 70% compared to thermosetting materials, like vulcanized rubber and EVA, cutting production costs and lowering energy consumption. The new TPU also offers excellent design flexibility, ideal for the highly demanding footwear segments.

A second material which featured in the one-shot solution showcase at Simac 2019 is Apilon 52 Light, a TPU best suited to the production of midsoles. The lightweight recyclable material cuts down on production waste and has a lower environmental footprint than other low-density materials such as EVA and PU foam. Its velvet and natural haptic characteristics are ideal for midsoles, and it offers design and moulding flexibility.

Together the API materials enable a one-shot solution for dual density/bicomponent soles in a single production step. No glue has to be used in this bonding process. This reduces costs associated with equipment such as moulds and simplifies the labour-intensive assembling procedure.

“We are very excited about Apilon 52 A/C, as this product series, in combination with our Apilon 52 Light product, enables a fully recyclable one-shot solution”, said Giancarlo Busa, Business Unit Manager Footwear. “This quality will help us to extend our already strong offer in luxury footwear and to compete in the athletic and professional segments”.

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