Cesap and SSMI

The Six Sigma Management Institute’s first Italian academy

Marketing - Wednesday, 17 January 2018

With the specific aim of seeing Lean Six Sigma methods applied in the chemicals industry and in the fields of plastic, rubber and paper/card processing, Cesap and Six Sigma Management Institute (SSMI), with the support of the Italian Plastics Institute, are launching a Six Sigma Management Institute academy in Italy. Cesap’s commitment to developing and strengthening a training institution of excellence has already led, in Spring 2017, to the start of a prestigious partnership with the company SSMI, a world leader in the provision of training in and consulting on the methodologies of Lean Six Sigma, whose president, Mikel J. Harry, is widely acknowledged to be the main “architect” of the Six Sigma theory.

Yūshū Akademī is the technical name that has been chosen for the new centre, as a way of underlining the intention to offer training courses designed to pursue excellence in industrial processes mentioned.

The aim of Cesap and SSMI, in implementing this initiative, is to speed up the creation of value for the customer, by offering client companies standard or ad hoc courses, together with consultancy activities designed to support corporate performance improvement programmes developed on the basis of clients’ specific requests.

The uniqueness of the proposal lies in its very clear potential to combine the high level of proficiency and the advanced technological facilities of the newly created centre of expertise on polymers shared with Cesap, Istituto Italiano dei Plastici and Cerisie, and the collaboration with experts on topics related to Six Sigma and Lean Production.

At the innovative educational facility created by Cesap in collaboration with Istituto Italiano dei Plastici, participants will be taught, in depth, about the analysis and simulation methods involved in the main technical and technological processes used in the world of polymers, according to a strictly scientific approach involving systematic use of statistical models that allow theoretical/virtual verification of the various development and improvement projects, prior to their actual implementation.

Systematic reduction of waste and defects, the creation of value through performance improvement and “certified” enhancement of the expertise of the people involved are the main results that can be obtained through these courses, which range from Black and Green Belt Master’s certification courses to the certification of White and Yellow Belt programmes, and in-depth exploration of the main good practices of Lean Thinking (Value Stream Mapping, Value Analysis, Fmea/Fmeca, TPM, Process Leadership etc.), focusing in particular on the industrial processes used in the chemicals, plastics, rubber and packaging sectors.

All this is offered in a facility inspired by the new Enterprise 4.0 model, because a pathway of excellence deserves to be delivered in a centre of excellence (Yūshū Akademī).

For more information click here or contact the course secretariat: tel: +39-2045780; email: info@cesap.com

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