Negri Bossi introduced Motus at the Innovations Day 2019

The modern interface: ergonomic and easy to use

Technology - Wednesday, 27 February 2019

The new Motus controller from Negri Bossi was introduced at B&R’s Innovations Day 2019, the yearly event dedicated to designers who want to learn more about the latest innovations in the field of automation, which took place on February 21 at the Fiere di Parma fairgrounds.

Many lectures and presentations of new products took place during the event, providing the basis for as many debates. To name but a few: how to ensure high performance levels on each possible version of the machines; how to ensure safe and intuitive operations in the factory; how to manage dynamic, customised and high quality production processes effectively and in a sustainable manner. Among the various sessions, “The modern user interface, ergonomic and easy to use” took the Negri Bossi controller as an example to demonstrate what can be achieved by using modern technologies.

The Motus controller is the first “true” multi-touch control system with a modern and lightweight design that makes it similar to a smartphone. Its main characteristics are the innovative gesture navigation feature with swipe, scroll and zoom functions, an interface which can be customised with a sequencer in order to create special cycles, and an easy to use alarm function. All this makes it possible to deal with any situation in a more responsive way. The HTML technology integrated in this interface provides the user with an intuitive and functional machine control panel, improving both safety and productivity.

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