A book of Waste Free Oceans

The little fish Plastian helps us keeping clean oceans and seas from litter

Plastic and environment - Wednesday, 20 December 2017

Waste Free Oceans presents “Plastian The Little Fish” - a children’s book educating the young generation on the issue of marine litter. The book, written by Nicole Intemann, is ideal for kids ages 5-10 and printed on eco-friendly recycled paper. The colourful pages depict the story of a brother and sister who embark on a sea adventure and become concerned by the amount of marine litter in the water. With the help of Plastian and his animal friends, they construct a trawl to collect the floating debris.

The book is a useful instrument for those looking for educational material on ocean plastic and can be used in schools and communities involved in beach clean-ups projects. Readers are encouraged to submit their ideas to WFO on how to best address the issue of marine litter, with an award for the best suggestions. The book is available in both digital and paper-back versions.

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