Negri Bossi at PlastEurasia

The launch of the Nova series on the Turkish market

Technology - Wednesday, 12 December 2018

At PlastEurasia 2018 (Istanbul, December 5-8), Negri Bossi launched the Nova series of injection moulding machines on the Turkish market. At the event, the s700T model was shown, featuring an innovative toggle system, the FMC (Foam Microcellular Moulding Process) technology, and Sytrama automation. The machine produced mini pallets with approximately 20% reduction in weight while maintaining the mechanical characteristics and surface quality required.

With its upgraded clamping and injection unit and its new design, the sT range combines versatility and compactness, while the Motus controller combines user friendly navigation with total configurability. Energy efficiency was at the forefront of the design considerations: that is why the Nova series incorporates a latest-generation servo pump, specifically designed for injection moulding applications. The FMC technology enables the production of lighter parts, proving to be particularly useful in the industrial packaging and automotive sectors.

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