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The Arburg Technology Days 2019 are coming

Technology - Tuesday, 12 February 2019

The Arburg Technology Days will be held in Lossburg (Germany) from March 13 to 16, 2019. The main focus will be on the "Road to Digitalisation". In this respect, the Efficiency Arena offers an overview of the digital products and services.


20 years of Technology Days

The Technology Days event was first celebrated in Lossburg in 1999 and is now regarded as a unique international industry event. Since then, the event has been attended by almost 88,000 invited experts from over 50 countries.

Each year, the Technology Days attract thousands of visitors with more than 50 exhibits, expert presentations and a look behind the scenes at Arburg. Since its introduction in 2013, the Efficiency Arena has been a highlight, illuminating forward-looking topics in a practical way.



The main focus of this year's Technology Days will be, as mentioned, the "Road to Digitalisation". The topic of digitalisation extends across the entire event: from the Customer Centre and the Efficiency Arena to the service area and the turnkey area. The various areas offer visitors ideas to help them find their path to sustainable, digitally integrated and efficient plastic parts production. Exhibits include:

• Allrounder ready for Digitalisation;

• Assistance packages for active operator support;

• the Arburg customer portal as a cloud-based solution for digital services;

• the Arburg host computer system (ALS) for comprehensive IT networking;

• Arburg Remote Service (ARS) for fast, efficient and reliable online support;

• Predictive maintenance;

• Condition monitoring for regular machine condition logging;

• the potential of augmented and virtual reality (AR, VR);

• an overview of interfaces and their significance for digitalisation;

• Gestica as the control system of the future.


Technological highlights for 2019

At the Arburg Technology Days 2019, will be offered more than 50 exhibits “live” - including the entire range of machine, application and process technologies. Digitalisation is a key focus in all exhibits; all of the Allrounders on show are digitalisation-ready. the latest innovations, trends, wide-ranging applications and tailored industry solutions displayed will include:

• innovative applications and processes: automotive, packaging, micro and LSR injection moulding etc.;

• practical example of Industry 4.0;

• automation solutions and turnkey systems;

• industrial additive manufacturing: freeformer and Arburg Plastic Freeforming (APF).


Specialist presentations

During the expert presentations, a team of high-profile specialists from a wide variety of industries will outline the latest trends, covering all aspects of plastics processing. A whole range of interesting presentations await hosts, covering subjects such as digitalisation, automotive technology, packaging and the freeformer 300-3X.


Road to Digitalisation - Your economic path to the Smart Factory

Digital transformation is a comprehensive process of change in all functional areas of a company. At Arburg, activities rest on the following pillars: smart machine, smart production and smart services. This presentation highlights the comprehensive product portfolio the company offers and explains how we plan to travel the Road to Digitalisation together with customers.


Automotive engineering - How does ARBURG support you in this field?

The automotive industry is a trendsetter for innovative products and manufacturing processes in plastics processing. Highly automated and yet flexible production cells are required to meet the industry's demanding requirements. The presentation will illustrate current challenges and highlight the potential of Arburg's products and services using concrete examples.


Unique freeformer system - current developments and industrial applications

The new freeformer 300-3X unlocks new possibilities in industrial additive manufacturing. Depending on the requirements, the freeformer is available in various sizes with two or three discharge units. The presentation will outline the latest technology and provide examples of the production of functional parts.


Arburg Packaging - machine concept for maximum production efficiency

In the production of injection-moulded packaging, the focus is on the most economical solution with consistently high part quality. In order to meet these requirements, Arburg offers specially adapted machine technology for maximum production efficiency. This presentation will illustrate the added value and benefits offered by high-end machine technology and how it contributes to increasing production efficiency.

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