Polycast line by Colines in Vietnam

Technology to exploit the growth of the CPP and CPE film market

Technology - Wednesday, 10 October 2018

One of the more recent success for Colines is the start of the full production of a new Polycast line for the customer KY Phat in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. The line can produce 2800-mm wide 5-layer CPP and CPE film for lamination and metallization, with special formulations developed by KY Phat and Colines R&D department for this purpose. 

According to the manufacturer, Colines is always at the forefront of every aspect of the production of films by cast technology. The possibility of producing CPE films of various thicknesses and characteristics is therefore a fact, thanks to the peculiarities of its cast unit and especially to the solution designed by Colines for the under-die suction, suitable for productions with all different types of polymers.

Still according Colines, one of the market sectors that is increasingly emerging is the so-called CPE, i.e. polyethylene based film produced with the cast technology rather than using the classic blown method. 

The reasons for this change are absolutely evident and can be easily listed.

Production with cast technology allows to obtain optical characteristics that are undoubtedly incomparable to what can be obtained with the blown process, with better control of the frost line which also allows to better manage the characteristics of the film from the point of view of mechanical properties.

Similarly, the management and the adjustment of the profile of the cast film is much better than what is possible even on the most modern and efficient blown lines, thanks to the direct mechanical action controlling the extrusion die. This results in a further increase of the speed on converting machines, thanks to the improved overall flatness of the film.

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