Color CAP by Sacmi

Target: digital personalization of caps decoration

Technology - Wednesday, 24 July 2019

Personalisation, brand enhancement plus tracking and anti-counterfeit functions. These are just a few of the digital decoration opportunities now available to the packaging-closures world.


Sacmi - the developer of Colora CAP, the digital cap decoration solution that offers outstanding versatility, ultra-fastchange-overs and high productivity - has set itself the goal of providing a solutions package designed to enact progressive industry-wide digitalisation.


“Working alongside the world's biggest cap manufacturers on a daily basis”, observes Iacopo Bianconcini, Marketing and Business Development Manager at Sacmi Closures, Containers & PET, “has highlighted a need to combine on-product technological innovation with a platform capable of maximising - in a way that is simple, versatile and economical - the cap's potential in terms of brand promotion and customisation for the final user”.


Some examples: capable of storing thousands of different logos and providing unlimited colour creation, Sacmi Colora CAP lets manufacturers personalise both the graphics and the decoration on every single cap, making it possible, in principle, to manufacture personalised caps even on very small lots or for individual events-customers.


Currently configured to handle productivity in the order of 36,000 caps/hour, Colora CAP represents just the beginning of a much broader Sacmi solutions drive in this field. Sacmi digital cap decoration technology is ready to be implemented at even higher productivity and on different materials, ensuring customers' investment decisions enjoy all the benefits of personalisation. Moreover, in keeping with this logic, Sacmi has developed new digital label printing products (Sacmi D-Match) and is currently developing new metal cap digital printing applications.

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