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Technology - Monday, 28 May 2018

Strengthened by the research and experience of 50 years of activity, Frigosystem (hall 15, stand B82 at Plast 2018) fi nds itself well positioned by the request to increase energy effi ciency, imposed by the new European regulation Ecodesign 2018 in the fi eld of industrial refrigeration. The legislation, which came into force on January 1, requires compliance with minimum thresholds for the SEPR (Seasonal Energy Performance Ratio), that are the parameters that determine the energy class, and which must be complied with for CE certifi cation purposes.

Frigosystem has welcomed this orientation, fi nding it in tune with its corporate philosophy. The developments recently proposed by the company refl ect the attention paid to technological innovations in refrigeration: some high effi ciency gases have already been introduced in many ranges and, for some years now, Frigosystem also offers chillers with magnetic levitation compressors, where SEPR reaches double values compared to the minimum required by the updating of European legislation. The completely new project of the Natu-RA chillers involves units of up to approx. 100 kW of cooling capacity. The combination of R410 gas with increased microchannel condensers, totally in aluminium, allows for smaller compact units, with considerable savings in electrical consumption. The fi eld of use has also been expanded, especially regarding minimum and maximum environmental temperatures. Being “plug & play” units, the Natu-RA series maintains the characteristics of versatility and easy installation that have always distinguished Frigosystem units.

The Italian manufacturer is strongly referenced in large installations and have developed the new series of Raca Heavy Duty (RHD) industrial chillers, using refrigerant R134 and robust screw compressors, state-of-the-art electronic controllers, effi cient shell and tube heat exchangers, and microchannel condensers specifi c for heavy-duty applications. All of which allow the RHD series to obtain increased cooling capacities of up to 25% compared to the standard models. The series offer units of up to 2300 kW, also available with inverter drive and integrated free-cooling, to further reduce payback times of the plant where environmental and operating conditions allow. The RHD series guarantees high precision and constant temperature. The available versions can operate in all the climatic zones of the world, including those with the most extreme conditions. All Frigosystem production can be interfaced with the innovative FS i-Link system, the exclusive and proprietary electronic device that allows you to connect any units to the internet, allowing remote control as well as the teleservice from every continent. Machine status, alarms and temperature management can all be viewed and managed from every connected web device, be it a mobile phone or a more complete management system. FS i-Link is a crucial accessory for speedy diagnosis and intervention, a great support both for OEM customers and for end users.

At events in 2018, important innovations in the fi eld of thermoregulation will be presented. New models in the TMO series are aimed at customers of Corema, a part of the Frigosystem group. Improvements include: increased pump capacity and heating power up to 200 kW; the repositioning of the expansion vessel facilitates start-up; improved optimisation to various applications operating when diathermic oil is not always of good quality, and resolution of any issues caused by air sometimes present in the circuit, or from poor maintenance to the plants.

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