Blades granulators

Productivity and reliability for quality and cost efficiency

Technology - Wednesday, 8 November 2017

In the plastic recycling market, Adler points out a growing request for large capacities and highly reliable machines. Following this trend, the manufacturer has recently supplied some northern European customers with blades granulators specially designed for inline grinding and recycling of EPS sheet with a thickness that reaches 150 mm.

These machines stand out for their sturdiness as well as for their cutting-edge devices, designed to facilitate their use and maintenance. These include: bearings with self-cleaning system;  pre adjustable blades with cutting profiles up to 2400 mm; opening system for hydraulic and pneumatic servo-cleaning; automatic pulling system with amperometric sensor; RPM and drawing speed converter connected with the production line PC; operator interface for remote control from a PC.

The aim of all the equipment installed on the granulators is to reduce the size of the scrap accumulated on the machine, by reusing it immediately and continuously, thus saving space in processing halls. All of this also results in an operation that is not only energy-saving and thus economic in terms of production costs, but also safer for the operators.

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