Open house at Sipa-Erema

Production of rPET preforms in a single process

Technology - Wednesday, 6 September 2017

The innovative system for the in-line production of preforms developed by Sipa in collaboration with Erema is being presented for the first time live, from 4 to 6 September, at the company's facility in Vittorio Veneto, near Treviso. Xtreme Renew, incorporating the Xtreme system by Sipa and the Vacurema system by Erema, produces 100% rPET preforms compliant with food packaging standards in a single process directly from post-consumer flakes, without going through the granulation process.

The collaboration between the two major manufacturers has made it possible to develop a solution to process and recycle PET that stands out in terms of perform quality. The melt produced by Vacurema, which meets food packaging standards, flows directly from the Extreme system developed by Sipa to produce preforms in a single stage without the intermediate cooling stage typical of granule production. The benefits of this direct production are a major increase in energy efficiency and less thermal damage to the PET.

In particular, Xtreme is a rotary platform for high efficiency production of preforms developed by the company based in Vittorio Veneto. This system for preform compression moulding ensures one of the lowest TCO's on the market and at the same time the utmost freedom to design and produce extremely light preforms for mineral water and sterile bottles with one of the highest L/t ratios in the industry, producing preforms that are up to 10% lighter than those made with traditional injection moulding. It can also produce two different preforms at the same time. Xtreme offers a more compact footprint, rapid mould change (one minute per cavity), and reduced material stress, thanks to lower injection pressure with lower AA content and lower energy consumption. The quality of the product is also guaranteed by an in-line preform inspection system.

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