The 25 years of Eurochiller

Plast 2015 is still double

Technology - Wednesday, 29 April 2015

The 2015 edition of Plast in Milan will see the celebration of Eurochiller’s 25 years of activity. The company has confirmed its choice to attend the event with two stands respectively dedicated to the extrusion and to the injection processes. The decision to exhibit with two stands is renewed for the third time at Plast and gives the company the opportunity to show their products grouped by application.

Into hall 15 (stand C 71) Eurochiller will exhibit a top-technological and performing product, specifically dedicated to the cooling of the agricultural film. The line, called ABF agri-film, has been developed in cooperation with Italian leading OEMs and successfully installed worldwide. The unit exhibited (ABF agri-film 140) will be the center of the stand and the whole communication around it will emphasize the benefits coming from its use as well as special construction. A niche product then, but to all effects unique in its concept, design and performances. The company’s proposal for extrusion application is anyway wide and varied, ranging from the simplest solutions (cooling coils BRA+ Series) to the more refined and precise chillers (direct expansion chillers, ABF Inverter series) for the cooling of the blown film.

The range of products for the cooling and the temperature control of the injection processes will instead exhibited into hall 22 (stand B 101). At the end of 2014 Eurochiller introduced a series of innovative lines featuring flexibility and performances, without forgetting the importance of the energy savings. The following products will be displayed on the stand: the ADCooler line of adiabatic coolers, coupled with the new line of beside-the-machine chillers called Icetemp; a new range of water chillers, called Axevo, presented in Milan in the version with integrated adiabatic and free-cooling technologies; the restyled line of Starty water temperature controllers, which are simple and reliable but also compact and sturdy; the line of 3Flows temperature controllers with touch screen, now available also for water temperature up to 160°C.

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