Two Geo FutureFilm lines by Bandera in the USA

Plain and textured geomembranes for the oil and environment protection sectors

Technology - Wednesday, 19 December 2018

Two Geo FutureFilm lines have been supplied by Bandera to a US processor for the production of geomembranes with useful widths of up to 8 m, mainly for applications in the oil and environment protection industries. The supply agreement also covered training of the operators involved in the start-up, management and maintenance of the lines. Accordingly, in mid-November, two technicians from the US company came to The House of Extrusion of Bandera in Busto Arsizio (near Varese, Italy) for training on several lines that are in operation in the testing room there. During this training period, engineers and sales personnel shared, with them, their know-how on the machinery and relative production processes.
A standard geomembrane extrusion line has the following configuration: a dosing system; a high-capacity central extruder for the inner layer and two smaller extruders for the outer layers, together with a bimetallic barrel and a screw with a wear-resistant coating; a coextrusion head (with die of up to 2,300 mm) equipped with an internal bubble cooling (IBC) system; a fixed haul-off unit, specially designed to suit this type of production; an automated winder with an 8.5-m wide table; and automatic shaft extraction and unloading of the finished reel. The line also offers the option of texturing the geomembrane on one or both sides, or it can produce a plain strip for easier welding. The geomembranes can be produced using 5-layer extrusion heads for agricultural film.

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