Chinaplas 2018 to launch Young Tech Hall

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Marketing - Wednesday, 10 January 2018

In line with unprecedented rapid development of technology, Chinaplas, after 31 editions of advancement, is evolving, in response to the needs of the industries, from a business platform for materials and equipment purchasing to an international showcase of high technologies.

Booth space is still overbooked though Chinaplas will move to a larger show venue - National Exhibition and Convention Center (NECC), in Hongqiao, Shanghai. Applications from over 4,500 companies, of which more than 1,000 are new to Chinaplas, were received before the application deadline in November. Despite the organizer’s efforts to maximize space, total area applied exceeds 40% of the hall space. It is expected that exhibition area will reach 340,000sqm, an expansion of 100,000sqm compared to the last edition held in Shanghai two years ago.

To facilitate visitors’ need of sourcing new Chinaplas suppliers, a “Young Tech Hall” will be newly introduced at Chinaplas 2018. This is a comprehensive exhibition hall, which will gather together new exhibitors from diverse fields.


A glittering hall of the young - the Young Tech Hall

Chinaplas is not only renowned for promoting cutting-edge technologies, but also famous for achieving a massive show scale. The massive show scale, 340,000 sqm of exhibition area, is a double-edged sword. It takes longer time for visitors to search for specific types of products in mind, especially from new exhibitors.

The solution - a Young Tech Hall. “Young Tech Hall is introduced to help visitors locate exhibitors and products by further segmentation”, explained Ada Leung, general manager of Adsale Exhibition Services. “It’s a win-win solution. New Chinaplas exhibitors can seize the opportunity to strategically market their brands and new products to Shanghai, while Chinaplas itself can draw in new blood, fresh energy, and more advanced technologies”, Leung further added.

The Young Tech Hall, to house over 350 new exhibitors in 10,000 sqm, is a comprehensive exhibition hall, will be presenting additive, colour pigments and masterbatch, testing equipment, die and moulds, extrusion machinery, injection moulding machinery, smart manufacturing technology, plastic packaging and film technology. Exhibitors that have reserved their space include Beijing Yingzhourunzhang Technology Co., Hunan Chinasun Pharmaceutical Machinery Co., Hubei Efeng Mould Co., Kaustik China Co., and more.


3D printing empowers high-end applications

On top of the Young Tech Hall, the mega show has been divided into 18 different theme zones to facilitate successful sourcing of buyers. “3D Technology Zone” and “Thermoplastic Elastomers & Rubber Zone” are two new theme zones to be debut at Chinaplas 2018.

Customization and small-batch production are gaining momentum nowadays. High-end manufacturing, like aerospace, automotive, medical and consumer products, is in urgent need for 3D printing (additive manufacturing) solutions to expedite development cycle and reduce R&D costs. Chinaplas will set up a “3D Technology Zone” to group together the vendors and providers of 3D printing (additive manufacturing) technologies. Exhibitors that have reserved their space include Autodesk, Ureal, Cang Ming, dMac, Zwsoft, Hanbang3D and more.


Supernova Thermoplastic Elastomers to debut in new theme zone

With the advent of a low-carbon economy, light, energy-saving thermoplastic elastomers with a wide range of applications have a promising prospect. Thermoplastic Elastomers & Rubber Zone, a new theme zone to the Chemicals & Raw Materials Zone, will gather 70 suppliers to demonstrate their latest products and solutions. Exhibitors that have reserved their space include Huntsman, Momentive, Sibur, Top Polymer, Dawn, Huafon, Baoding Bangtai, Shin-Etsu, Coating P. Materials, Chinasound, and others. Chinaplas 2018 is going to be an arena of innovations, covering Asian and world premieres of new technologies.

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