Special open house at Bandera

Four flat-die lines operating simultaneously

Technology - Wednesday, 18 December 2019

An open house organised by Bandera at its House of Extrusion closed its doors on  December 17. During the event, four fully equipped rigid film extrusion lines were simultaneously showcased in operation. All the lines featured inter-connectable 4.0 control systems and reduced power consumption...

Fimic delivery in South Italy

LDPE recycling with laser screen

Technology - Wednesday, 18 December 2019

Family business specialising in the production and maintenance of fire protection systems, the Italian company Italfire is headquartered in Manduria (near Taranto, Italy). It recently entered the plastic recycling market when Antonio Lodedo, the owner, and his son Matteo installed a recycling line for post-industrial and commercial LDPE, entirely made in Italy...

Cooperation between CMS and Dafa

A greener future with electric intensifiers

Technology - Wednesday, 18 December 2019

A Danish company founded in 1939 by Børge Norby, Dafa is a world reference for the design and implementation of products based on foam and polymeric materials, well-known and respected for the quality of its products and its capability to offer an extremely collaborative customer service...

Sipa’s XForm new generation

Faster, more efficient and more reliable PET preform moulding

Technology - Wednesday, 18 December 2019

The new XForm GEN4 XP system by Sipa incorporates the latest generation of preform injection moulding technology to deliver the lowest conversion cost alongside unmatched speed, flexibility, and ease of use. New technology incorporated into 250, 350 and 500-tonne system, capable of running with moulds holding up to...

Rampone and Ward, Negri Bossi, offer further insight

On relations with Sacmi and the European future of Nissei’s electric and vertical machines

Technology - Wednesday, 11 December 2019

A longstanding sales manager at Negri Bossi, Antonio Rampone (top picture) certainly has a very clear take on the agreement concerning the acquisition, by the Japanese company Nissei, of a 75% stake in the company from Cologno Monzese (Milan), which is one of the major Italian manufacturers of injection moulding machines. The operation...

A Machine Tools giant

3D printer in the 2019 Guinness World Record

Technology - Wednesday, 11 December 2019

The mammoth 3D printer MasterPrint - created by the Machine Tools division of the Camozzi Group - is the world’s largest device that prints with plastic. The 3D MasterPrint printer - included in the Guinness Book of World Records - is able to create objects up to over 30 metres long, 6 metres wide and 3 metres tall...

New 100% injection colouring option for gravimetric feeder

Ensuring uniform colour, ending pre-mixing and over-colouring

Technology - Wednesday, 11 December 2019

A patent-pending control system for feeding masterbatch to the injection moulding process ensures colour uniformity and saves costs by dosing colorant during the injection phase, when conventional feeders are inactive. Maguire introduced the technology at K 2019 as an option for the MGF gravimetric feeder...

Optimization of the dry-cycle

Faster than ever

Technology - Wednesday, 11 December 2019

A substantial optimization of the dry-cycle time of Netstal Elion series models was achieved by making an adjustment to the clamping unit controller. The output can be increased even more in series production use. The dry-cycle times of the high-performance Netstal Elion have been reduced by up to...

Nissei officially buys Negri Bossi… and also sets its sights on Roboline

Declared target? Not to reduce costs, but rather to increase revenues!

Technology - Wednesday, 4 December 2019

"In the five years I have worked here at Negri Bossi, and I would say independently of market trends, I witnessed multiple forms of interest in our brand in any given quarter, confirming that - objectively - it is a very strong brand. For certain not all forms of interest we saw were equally worthy of being taken into consideration. It is in fact clear that in...

Italian-Indian joint venture

Itib Machinery consolidates its market presence in India

Technology - Wednesday, 4 December 2019

While participating as a speaker at the Plastic Pipes 2019 conference organized by SPE in Mumbai on November 21 and 22, Itib Machinery also set up an open house event to celebrate the launch of Itib Machinery India, a joint venture with Satellite Plastic Industries, the company’s agent on the Indian market for almost twenty years...

Anniversary for Geftech

Gefit celebrates 20 years in Hungary

Technology - Wednesday, 4 December 2019

The Gefit Group can count on six factories located in strategic areas and as many sales and service offices. Among these, Geftech, based in Tatabánya (Hungary), about 60 km North-West of Budapest, supplies the Italian parent company with components and processing, and also represents an important reference point for service in the...

New course for WM Thermoforming Machines

Innovation and renovation in the name of sustainability

Technology - Wednesday, 4 December 2019

During the recent K 2019, WM Thermofroming Machines launched the new Flex 92, a thermoforming machine designed for extensive mould matching, an unprecedented concept that offers the thermoformers great flexibility and freedom of choice to use a plug and play system for number of moulds from different machine builders on a...