EUROMAP interfaces

New parts of Euromap 82 published as release candidates

Technology - Thursday, 18 October 2018

The development of OPC UA based Euromap interfaces for the crosslinking of plastics and rubber machinery, preparing them for Industry 4.0, is in full swing. With Euromap 77, the first finished specification was published in May 2018. The first draft for temperature control devices, the so-called “release candidate”, had already been published in February. Together with an update of the draft, two drafts for further peripheral devices are now published on hot runner devices (Euromap 82.2) and liquid silicon rubber (LSR) dosing systems (Euromap 82.3).
An expert group has parallelly been working on an interface for extrusion lines. They look at the extrusion line as a whole, and its individual components separately. First drafts will presumably be published by the end of October.


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