Major investment at Negri Bossi

New headquarters in North America

Marketing - Wednesday, 5 July 2017

As part of an investment programme in North America, Negri Bossi has started the construction of a new facility located in Plymouth Township, Michigan. The new 3,345 square meters large facility should be completed by January 2018 and will comprise a demonstration and training area with five injection moulding machines up to 2000 tonnes, a warehouse for stock machines, robots and spare parts, and a 50 seat classroom equipped with the latest audio-video technology.

The new facility will provide more flexibility for machine configuration as well as better delivery times. Response times to the several converters requirements will also be improved by the new spare parts storage. Furthermore, training courses, demonstrations and workshops will be enhanced too, in collaboration with the local technical school Votech and with the universities present in the region.

Sytrama robots (company belonging to the Negri Bossi Group) will also be assembled in the new facility, utilizing US sourced components, thus improving delivery times to the market.

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