Renato Moretto met Luca Zaia

Moretto donated 100,000 euros for people and lands of Veneto

Marketing - Wednesday, 27 February 2019

Renato Moretto, president and CEO of Moretto, gave 100,000 euros to support people and lands of Veneto affected by the exceptional gales, which took place during last autumn. A cheque for this sum was delivered into the hands of the President of the Veneto Region, Luca Zaia, on February 25, at the company’s headquarters in Massanzago, near Padua (Italy).

In particular, Renato Moretto (on the left in the picture, together with Luca Zaia during the factory tour) expressed the wish to give his own contribution to repopulate 220 hectares of mountain woodland with 90,000 new trees, as a sign of a vitality and hope for the future.

“One year ago, during the days preceding Christmas, I had an accident at work, and after a long, forced, hard convalescence and psychophysical recovery, I returned to work last October. Today, I’m looking to the future with a rediscovered strength and determination that, through this initiative, I would like to share with other people”, said Renato Moretto, explaining the meaning of this donation, aiming to clearly demonstrate the personal bond with his land and the strong roots connecting his company with the territory.

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