Grafe Group at Plast 2018

Micro and fine granules for rotational moulding

Materials - Wednesday, 6 June 2018

The company HD Kunststoffe, from Remscheid (Germany), has undergone many changes since becoming a member of the Grafe Group, in January 2015. At Plast 2018, the specialists in the manufacture of raw materials for rotational moulding presented its expanded service and product portfolio at the Grafe’s stand A02, in hall 9.
The Remscheid company is expanding Grafe’s already extensive product portfolio through the addition of raw materials for rotational moulding. In addition to PE grinding powder, the range of products includes primarily PE and PP micro-granules as well as pigment powder mixtures (Colormix) for dry blends. “The merger has resulted in many further advantages for our customers”, according to Carlos Caro, sales representative at HD Kunststoffe. “By utilizing Grafe’s comprehensive know-how in the area of manufacturing and stabilization of customized compounds and masterbatches, we have been able to significantly expand our production and development capabilities at HD Kunststoffe. Through the cooperation we are now also able to provide small quantities of customized, ready-coloured PE grinding powder”, adds Caro.
Availability of minimum amounts is important for the small quantities of specific coloured products often required in the field of design elements which follow colour trends. In recent months, development has focused on expanding the HD product portfolio for halogenated and halogen-free flame-retardant PE micro-granules and powder, as well as electrically conductive PE powder. However, HD Kunststoffe also provides micro and fine granules in other rotational plastics such as ABS, PS, PC and PA6/12. In addition, the company from Remscheid offers antistatic PE and PP powder for ESD applications in light and bright colours. Measurements showed resistance significantly lower than 10E9 ohm. The compounds contain migrating substances making them suitable only for industrial applications where there is no contact with any food.
Another goal in addition to continuing product development, has been the expansion of its service portfolio. In addition to providing a service technician for matching, HD Kunststoffe also has a mobile templogger to record real time machine parameters (furnace temperature, tool temperature, PIAT) during production. With roto-simulation software, it is now possible to provide customers with precise evaluation of data and thus optimal support for their needs. With its own shuttle rotational device and laboratory tool, HD-Kuststoffe is rounding off its portfolio and creating the necessary conditions for comprehensive customer support at a very high level of technical expertise.


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