New compounds from Francesco Franceschetti Elastomeri

Marfran A: above all crystalline transparency and weather resistance

Materials - Wednesday, 6 February 2019

The new Marfran A family of compounds from Francesco Franceschetti Elastomeri stands out thanks to features such as transparency, elasticity, luster and resistance to weather agents, which make the compounds particularly suitable for optical and automotive industrial applications.

In detail, these new compounds deliver glass clear quality comparable to polycarbonate and PMMA, and can be also used in combination with other polar polymers such as PC, PMMA, ABS, SAN, PBT, PETG, PA and PVC. This new material shows better adhesive properties than any other compounds by Marfran and can be glued and painted. Marfran A also boasts top resistance to ageing and UV rays compared to other thermoplastic elastomers and is available in variable hardnesses from 55 to 90 Shore A and in semi-rigid versions from 30 to 50 Shore D.

"Customers who know our products were demanding a new compound with higher transparency, and we replied with the Marfran A compounds. Thanks to a consolidated co-design relationship of with customers, we created a new line of high-performance technical products" said Francesco Franceschetti, general manager of the company.

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