Sabic circular solutions at K 2019

Making a world of difference together

Materials - Wednesday, 17 July 2019

The global leader in the chemical industry, Sabic, is to highlight its commitment to circular solutions and reducing plastics waste at the K 2019 under the theme of “Making a world of difference together”. The company will be addressing global trends by inspiring processes for using bio-renewable and recycled feedstock, and designing product solutions for its customers in diverse industries which supports recyclability, durability and optimal reuse, helping build a better world.


While plastics make modern life possible, solutions are needed to minimize and manage plastic waste and promote reusing, recovering and recycling. Sabic has come one step closer to creating a circular economy by becoming the first in industry to scale up an innovative chemical recycling process of mixed plastic waste back to the original polymer, enabling downstream customers to develop high quality, recyclable product design solutions.


To further help reduce waste in the global supply, Sabic has created leading polymer solutions for the manufacture of pure, lightweight packaging to extend shelf life of food and other perishable goods. The company has also developed solutions to encourage the re-use and recycling of industrial packaging through innovative processes and partner collaborations.


Sabic’s leading material technologies are also enabling phthalate- and peroxide-free solutions for the nonwovens industry to advance purity, comfort and safety of personal hygiene products, while the latest resins are helping to combat bacteria in hospitals and make syringe barrels recyclable. Working with leading OEMs, Sabic is helping to lead the way to greater automotive efficiency through the development of breakthrough plastic and metal replacement solutions.


Sabic continues to develop innovative material solutions to drive resource efficiency in buildings. Having already designed and constructed its energy-efficient Home of Innovation demonstration house to achieve net-zero energy in the demanding climatic conditions of the Saudi Arabian desert. From new polymers to manufacture more robust heating and pipe systems to glass-fibre reinforced compounds for very lightweight, recyclable scaffolding and construction panels.


The company has additionally focused development on high-performance, cost effective solutions for substrates for the rapidly growing printed electronics and conductive coatings touch panels market, delivering greater design flexibility and high optical quality.

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