WM Thermoforming Machines at Plast 2018

King Midas’ golden touch

Technology - Tuesday, 8 May 2018

Gold is the foremost symbol of wealth and power, of success and achievement, while being optimistic and positive, a colour that illuminates and enhances other things around it. Gold adds richness and warmth to anything, it makes everything precious, and to meet visitors at Plast 2018 (stand C31/D32, hall 13) WM Thermoforming Machines makes its thermoformer FC 780 E IM2 Plus produce plates in this shiny colour.

Foods, perfumes, cosmetics, fine wines and spirits, coffee and so on, when “dressed up” in gold are perceived as more desirable and precious.

It is known that in business and marketing the usage of golden colour has the psychological power of conveying a higher perceived value, and it’s used by many brands for their packaging, suggesting that a product or service is outstanding, exclusive and expensive.

For the 2018 edition of Plast, the international exhibition for plastics and rubber industries, WM Thermoforming Machines use its King Midas golden touch and dress up in the shiny material, to present its thermoforming machine model FC 780 E IM2 Plus in function, with an extra touch of elegance and glamour.

The WM machine on display at Plast 2018 is the model FC 780 E IM2 Plus, with a forming area of 780 x 570 mm to allow the forming and cutting of the product in the same forming station and/or allow the cutting in a second inline station with subsequent stacking and discharging of the piles of counted products on a conveyor belt.

The wide range of WM Thermoforming Machines models also includes versions with forming and cutting in the same station, in line punching etc.

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