Ripress and Dongshin together

Italian experience, Korean reliability: a new electric injection solution

Technology - Wednesday, 2 November 2016

The electric machine presented at the K 2016 by Ripress and Dongshin is the result of several months of joined development of the Italian and Korean companies, and is based upon a common electronics management platform developed by Ripress for the European market, as well as on a new mechanical structure tested by Dongshin.

After many decades of activity as a service company and specialist of refurbishment of plastics injection moulding machines, the Italian maker decided to face in its own style the growing demand for performing, reliable and affordable all electric IMMs. The answer offered from Ripress is a solution that allows a totally independent management of any after-sales service issue. To say the truth, Ripress is not new to joint-ventures with far east companies, as proved by the servo-hydraulic series HES, based upon a high-efficiency system. The range, launched as a pioneer of the servo-hydraulic solutions, has become in fact a reference point among the small and midrange IMMs, thanks to an advantageous price/quality ratio, to the point of driving many major makers to follow this path in search for low consumption and reliability, getting rid of the exorbitant cost of the traditional, more complex solutions, based upon a multitude of proportional valves and variable delivery pumps, all components become obsolete after the arrival of the new technology of permanent-magnet servomotors and P/Q inverters.

From the beginning, the key of Ripress success has been a control system developed following the most modern concepts, i.e. a hardware based upon an industrial PC, a freeware Linux operating system and an electric circuit based upon a Profibus full-digital network. All managed by a software implemented by Ripress in conformity of its long experience about the peculiar needs of the Italian plastic converters.

The need to offer, alongside the servo-hydraulic solution, a modern and performing all electric solution, increasingly demanded by all specialists of packaging and “zero defect” technical moulding drove the company to quest for a second partnership, this time with an all electric specialist endowed with all that was needed to repeat the success of the series HES. The opportunity to joint venture with an internationally recognized brand not yet present in Italy, presented thanks to the high reputation and dynamism of Ripress and because of Dongshin’s decision to enter the Italian market by means of a reliable, service-oriented local partner.

That’s why the structure of the Dongshin electric machines, available on the range from 80 to 330 tons of clamping force, will be controlled by the newest version of the Ripress controller, always based upon an industrial PC and Linux operating system in order to continue ensuring its reliability and ease of use, now featuring a brand new software ready for the Industry 4.0 revolution and dedicated to the Italian market, without cuts of continuity from the tradition of customer-oriented products typical of the manufacturer.

The servo-hydraulic line “HES” and the price-friendly line “ECO” will then be joined by the new all-electric line “GB”, which will contain and go beyond all previous experience both in terms of price/quality ratio and reliability: a proposal dedicated to all customers looking for a performing electric solution, user-friendly and affordable, with a control panel “typically Italian” in the user interface with, as a relevant plus, the confidence of a professional and punctual assistance, supplied by an authentically specialized Italian company.

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