Change at the helm of Wittmann Battenfeld Italia

In January 2020 Braga will replace Arreghini, next to retirement

Technology - Wednesday, 13 November 2019

Gianmarco Braga, long-standing Sales Manager at Wittmann Battenfeld Italia, will take up the position of Managing Director and CEO effective January 1, 2020. The Wittmann Battenfeld subsidiary’s Managing Director of many years, Luciano Arreghini, will continue to serve as management spokesman and be jointly responsible for the financial sector until the end of April 2020. When Luciano Arreghini leaves the company, Gianmarco Braga will become the sole Managing Director of the subsidiary.


Gianmarco Braga took up his position as Sales Manager at Wittmann Battenfeld Italia in January 2003. In this capacity, he coordinates all sales activities in Italy and is responsible for key account customer service. On the basis of his technical background - he holds, for instance, a Master’s degree in Production Management Techniques from the University of Castellanza (Varese, Italy) - and his professional experience in the areas of sales and service at various companies, he successfully developed the Italian market for Wittmann Battenfeld jointly with the subsidiary’s Managing Director Luciano Arreghini.


The rapid growth of the Wittmann Group’s Italian subsidiary over recent years is reflected, for example, in its relocation to a new, larger corporate building in Ceriano Laghetto (Monza Brianza, Italy) this spring. This facility offers sufficient office and warehouse space to provide for further expansion of the organization in the next few years as well.


Effective January 1, 2020, Gianmarco Braga will be appointed Managing Director of the subsidiary. Luciano Arreghini will conduct the subsidiary’s business jointly with Gianmarco Braga as management spokesman and co-responsible Managing Director for finances until the end of April 2020.


Luciano Arreghini, who started his career at Battenfeld as a Product Manager in1991 and has served as Managing Director of the Battenfeld subsidiary since 1996, will go into well-earned retirement at the end of April. Michael Wittmann, President and CEO of the Wittmann Group, thanks Luciano Arreghini for his many years of successful service at Wittmann Battenfeld and is confident that the success story of Wittmann Battenfeld Italia will continue with the transfer of the management to Gianmarco Braga.

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