Moretto at PlastIndia 2018

In Gandhinagar with dryers, temperature controllers and dosers

Technology - Wednesday, 21 February 2018

At the latest edition of PlastIndia, held from February 7 to 12 in Gandhinagar, located in the Indian state of Gujarat, Moretto showcased some of its most representative technologies.

In particular, at the trade fair, the company illustrated the complete range of auxiliary equipment and automation systems for feeding and conveying, dosing, drying, storage, grinding, thermoregulation, refrigeration and supervising systems, and showed dryers (Moisture Meter, Mini dryer X Dry Air), temperature controllers (TE-KO) and dosers (DGM Gravix).

The Moisture Meter patented in-line moisture meter for plastic granules verifies the residual granule moisture content in few seconds, and is able to handle the drying process by creating a fully automatic loop, allowing incredible energy efficiency and guaranteeing production certification. A small but powerful dryer, X DRY Air is particularly suitable for the optical division and for technical moulding. Compact, practical and high performing thanks to its zeolite double tower design, is suitable for operation with non-dried circuit compressed air.

With the TE-KO series, the manufacturer based in Massanzago, near Padua, offers a complete range of temperature controllers, available in the Blue and Sky versions, that guarantees efficiency and absolute precision in the automatic temperature control. These innovations are made with high quality components and are also suitable for the most rigorous applications.

The gravimetric batch dosing units of the GRAVIX series stand out for their high precision (±0.001%), their reaction speed (25ms) and their absolute immunity to vibrations which allows installation even on blow-moulders. DGM Gravix is available in different versions for applications in different sectors.

India is considered the second emergent country after China and represents today an important attraction for economic activities around the world with an exponential and continuous GDP growth. The Indian market is becoming a real important one for Moretto, that decided to continue investing in this country by opening a new branch. That means being closer to the customers in order to continue to innovate and develop solutions.

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