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High performance plastics filaments for 3D printing

Materials - Wednesday, 17 May 2017

The German group Ensinger - with headquarters in Italy since 1991 - has always been focusing on a diversified product offering that includes materials, technologies, production methods and application, in response to the multiple market needs. At Mecspe fair 2017, in Parma, the company presented a new research field: the rapid filament prototyping, a market that has grown exponentially in just few years.

In the 3D printing market there are various technologies with different results for mechanical properties and finishes. Ensinger is focusing mainly on FFF (Fused Filament Fabrication), an additive process in which the object is made layer after layer from the base and which looks an interesting development for the high performance thermoplastic materials.

Filaments, products by the Ensinger Profiles and Tubes division, are used in production of small batch, special applications and prototypes. Thanks to its fifty years of experience in plastics extrusion, Ensinger’s customers can rely on the high usual quality also for this new products line.

As with others products, the raw materials used is prepared by the Ensinger compounding division in close collaboration with different partners and, for this reason, can be customized in accordance with specific requirements. Filaments have been developed to ensure optimum print results, even in case of complex shapes.  For this reason, the production uses high precision standards with a continuous dimensional control that allows filaments with tolerances of ±0.05mm. Furthermore, moisture control is ensured through drying operations of materials and subsequent hermetically sealed packing with absorbent material and aluminum composite film barrier.

Thanks to the collaboration with various 3D printers producers, filaments can be used in high performance printers like those products by Apiumtec, Roboze, Gewo Feinmechanik and others. The full range of filaments in coil includes: Tecapeek (PEEK); Tecapeek MT (PEEK medical); Tecapei (PEI); Tecason S (PSU), Tecason P (PPSU) and Tecason E (PESU); Tecaflon (PVDF); Tecamid 12 (PA 12); Tecablend ABS+PC natural (blend); Tecaform AH SD (POM antistatic).

At Mecspe fair Ensinger exhibited high performance plastic filaments in coil made by the partner company Simona, which produces materials such as  the biopolymer PLA (polilactate) in different colors and the transparent PETG (polyethylene terephthalate), completing the Ensinger offers with consumables for 3D printing. The company also presented in Parma few finite applications made with FFF technology and then machined on functional surfaces by the Ensinger Machined Parts Divisions.

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