New mechanical features

High-efficiency horizontal cooler

Technology - Wednesday, 12 July 2017

The XC high efficiency horizontal coolers from Promixon are designed to give the best performance in cooling the hot dry-blend coming from the XM turbomixer, offered by the manufacturer for all the applications requiring the dispersion of powders with powders, granules or the addition of liquids.

Thanks to the wide heat exchange area (vessel, sides and lid) and the action of the agitator, that ensures an intense contact of the dry-blend with the exchange surface, the XC coolers guarantee the lowest final cooling temperatures, so as to be able to store the dry-blend into intermediate storage silos, thus avoiding the formation of lumps due to thermal inertia of the dry-blend itself.

The main features of this device include:

- stainless steel inner wall with mirror-polished surfaces;

- agitator designed to ensure the maximum contact of the powder with the entire cooling surface;

- self-cleaning to minimize build-ups of material on the cooling surface;

- new vessel geometry and newly designed water cooling circuit, for increased performance and efficiency;

- remote service management, eliminating the risk of downtimes.

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