Two new robots from Star Automation Europe

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Technology - Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Launched at Fakuma 2014 by Star Automation Europe, the robot ES-800II is now available, whilst the robot XW-122 will be marketed starting from spring 2015. The goal of the new ES-II robot is to meet every possible needs about low price without forgetting quality and performance. The research and development department worked on two main aspects: adding a new free programmable touch screen controller and reducing the price by at least 10%. Both aims have been accomplished. The new ES-II series consists of 5 models destined for injection moulding machines from 50 to 1600 tons.

The XW series was instead designed for satisfying the most demanding customers by guaranteeing quality and performance. In this case the research and development department focused their attention on the structure of the robot, strengthening the previous Lx series and improving speed and acceleration performance. Moreover a new touch screen and the free programmable controller model Stec -520 have been integrated that can be also transferred from one robot to another.

These were the main tasks completed by the company’s designers. After hearing the needs and suggestions coming from the various international branches of the company, they have been able to develop an innovative project aimed to improve the functions of the classic Cartesian robot which is increasingly employed in production solutions connected to the web and controlled remotely. The main aim of this series is to guarantee performance and mechanical rigidity as well as high application flexibility similar to a six axis robot.

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