Bandera open house

Five-layer polyolefin extrusion technology in action for four days

Technology - Wednesday, 29 November 2017

From 28 November to 1 December at The House of Extrusion, Bandera will be presenting Technoflex PO5, its new five-layer polyolefin extrusion technology. A complete system for coextrusion of polyethylene bubble film will be on show. Its main characteristics include:

- a 26-component batch dosing system;

- a 100 mm diameter extruder for the core layer, two 85 mm diameter extruders for the intermediate layers and two 65 mm diameter extruders for the external layers;

- a five-layer coextrusion head with a 500 mm diameter extruder and an IBC system with 8 ultrasonic automatic width control sensors;

- a triple flow air ring for cooling;

- an automatic thickness profile control system;

- a cage system for double bubble guiding;

- 2800 mm wide oscillating haul-off with flattening devices and lateral guides, sintered bars and torque motors;

- 2800 mm wide winding device with torque motors and non-stick treatment for the rollers.

The solution comes complete with a regranulation system for reusing trimmings and a control system that uses Internet of Extrusion software developed by Bandera itself.

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