ALLRollex from Colines in open house

Film thickness reduced up to 6 microns

Technology - Wednesday, 31 October 2018

From December 4 to 6 Colines will held, at its facility in Marano Ticino (Novarea), a three-day open house to show the 3000-mm latest version of the ALLRollEX range for the production of cast stretch film.

The ALLRollEX on display is the second line to be delivered to the company Valfilm just two months after the first one; it features the possibility to produce films with a thickness from 10 to 35 micron, that can be reduced up to a minimum of 6 microns.

 “We perfectly know how important is for a film manufacturer to be able to offer a 6-micron film and we introduced some new technological solutions on our cast line ALLrollEX for stretch film, in order to give this chance also to those processors who choose one of our widest options, the 3000-mm line. This is a very important step forward for us and for those customers who choose our company as a partner for their business”, Nicola Lombardini, Colines R&D manager, stated.

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