A new Fanuc robot

Even stronger, more agile and faster with ceiling mounting

Technology - Wednesday, 17 January 2018

The six-axes R-2000iC/220U introduced by Fanuc complements the R-2000 robot series and is the successor to the iB version with 220 kg payload capacity.

The new R-2000iC/220U robot, specifically designed for upside down mounting, is indicated by “U” in the type of designation, which stands for “upside down”. This robot is a great solution to the limited space available on the ground, as it can be mounted on the ceiling or suspended from above instead. It is also ideally suited if access needs to be maintained in the space below or if the manufacturing process requires the robot to be mounted underneath a platform (e.g., extrusion equipment, handling large trolleys on overhead conveyor systems, etc.). In contrast to the floor mounted version, Fanuc was able to dispense with the balancer for technical reasons, as this saves weight, which has a positive effect on the movement performance. “As with all Fanuc robots, the new R-2000iC/220U is based on the fundamental Fanuc core principles of reliability and performance”, explains Thomas Schneider, product manager at Fanuc. New servomotors lead to an increased performance, which together with the weight-optimised design set standards in speed, acceleration and dynamics. The R-2000iC robot series is particularly noted for its built-in rigidity as well as the best results for wrist moments. The repeatability of the R-2000iC/220U is ±0,05 mm.

The robot has a reach of 2,518 mm horizontally, and a respectable 3,415 mm vertically, whereby the robot can reach down to 370 mm above the level of its foot. This could be of advantage, for example, in cases where the robot carries tools and the tool change should be carried out above the rotation range of the primary axis. The use of similar components to other models of the R-2000iC series also gives the robot an advantage in terms of life cycle costs: standardisation of components results in reduced cost of spare parts. Moreover the wrist and J3 arm are available in IP67 rating as standard.

The R-2000iC/220U is suitable for a wide range of applications, such as spot welding, loading or unloading and all types of material handling, regardless of the industry sector. All data, media and supply lines come pre-installed. Plant engineers, system integrators and even plant operators, therefore, have a free choice in the selection of process units or operating medium for the gripper.

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