OPC UA based interfaces

Euromap 84 for extrusion published as release candidate

Technology - Wednesday, 24 October 2018

The working group Euromap 84 deals with the standardization of OPC UA based interfaces for extrusion.

Experts from ten leading European extruders and extrusion lines manufactures are working together with control systems manufacturers and MES suppliers on standardized information models to facilitate an efficient networking of the extrusion line to central computers/MES as well as within the extrusion line itself. As with all Euromap recommendations, these are manufacturer-neutral.

In Euromap 84, first basic specifications will be made, and the extrusion line will be modelled as a whole. This foremost serves to control the overall production (for example throughput, product quality, energy consumption) and to manage production jobs. Particularly for the latter, a new concept was necessary because the existing job management model of the injection moulding world could not be transferred to extrusion. Next, the various components of an extrusion line will be examined separately to record all important process parameters.

The drafts of the following parts are thereby made available to the interested public:

Part 1: General Type Definitions

Part 2: Extrusion lines

Part 3: Extruders

Part 4: Haul-offs

Part 5: Melt pumps

Part 6: Filters

Part 7: Dies

These parts will be validated in test implementations before they are going to be published as final versions. Additional parts for further components of an extrusion line are in preparation.

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