New Extir from Versalis

EPS to prevent plastic leakage

Materials - Wednesday, 24 July 2019

The chemical company and integrated producer of styrenic polymers owned by Eni, Versalis, has developed and launched an innovative type of expandable polystyrene (EPS), under the trademark Extir FL 3000. This material offers the industry an opportunity to increase sustainable products in sectors such as food packaging, industrial packaging (for appliances, furniture, and automotive vehicles), containers, protective helmets, and seats. It also minimizes the risk of plastic granules leaking into the environment when expanded polystyrene is used.


Extir FL 3000 features enhanced mechanical properties that enable weight reduction, with a view to eco-design and efficiency, and lend themselves to creating reusable packaging, or incorporating more recycled materials. The low levels of blowing agent reduce emissions and energy consumption during the transformation process.


Finally, like all Versalis’ types of EPS, Extir FL 3000 is 100% recyclable. Moreover, FL3000 is suitable for food contact, bromine free, and can be made using standard EPS machinery.


Versalis views circularity as part of its strategy, which it applies in three different innovation-based areas: eco-design, feedstock diversification and polymer recycling.


Extir FL 3000 is an example of efforts made in the area of circular economy, particularly through the development of products that help prevent plastic leakage throughout the whole value chain, thus increasing sustainability through all stages of production, transformation, consumption, and disposal.

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