Investments at Sipol

Ensuring stability by enhancing logistics and storage capacities

Marketing - Wednesday, 12 September 2018

An investment program of about 3 million euro was launched on late 2017 and is being implemented during 2018 by Sipol. The main aims of this program include: a new 2,400 square meter warehouse dedicated to finished goods and powder-raw material storage increase; 6 new tanks for liquid monomer storage; dedicated software for the timely and flexible management of inventory and production schedules; packaging quality enhancements to facilitate handling and maximize the finished goods shelf-life.

The company creates "tailor made" products designed to match application requirements with an high production flexibility and a close collaboration with the customers, implementing a fast and efficient approach to the development of its brands. A business based on cornerstones such as research and development, process and product quality, price stability, and fast and timely deliveries, Sipol has been able to double its turnover in the last 5 years. The enhancement of logistics functions as well as the increase of the raw materials and finished goods storage – although financially affecting a company – have proved a necessary, fundamental steps in order to ensure maximum stability to its customers, plants, employees, and shareholders.

Located in Mortara, Sipol is a chemical company whose core business consists in the polymerisation of co-polyesters and co-polyamides dedicated to both the hotmelt adhesives and the high-performance engineering polymers domains. The company is present in the market of engineering polymers with a family of thermoplastic ether-ester elastomers (TPC-ET) that, with the Sipolprene brand has achieved, in over 15 years of activity, a worldwide visibility in a niche market. Sipolprene engineering polymers have a macromolecular structure that combines rigid blocks of polyester and long-chain polyether blocks, giving the polymer intermediate properties between thermoplastics and elastomers. In addition to engineering polymers Sipol also covers the copolyamide and copolyester-based hotmelt adhesives market, where it operates globally with the Technipol and Sipoltex brands in the footwear, leather goods, car filters and textile industries.

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