Single-station blow moulding machine

Electric drive for sustainable development

Technology - Wednesday, 29 April 2015

The PB10E/SXL model, exhibited at Plast 2015 by Plastiblow (stand A 01/B 02, hall 22) is an all-electric blow moulding machine. This consolidated technology in the blow moulding sector offers many benefits with respect to traditional hydraulic machines: reduced environmental impact of the machinery on the working floor, lower energy consumption, cycle repeatability, increased productivity, and lower maintenance costs. This model is a single station machine equipped with a triple head (centre distance 240 mm) to produce 5-litre jerrycans with a view stripe in triple cavity. The machine components are easily accessible and production changeovers can be carried out rapidly without problems.

The fieldbus architecture for the connection of the various electronic components at distributed intelligence, allows a digital transmission of signals with maximum reliability and speed, a precise synchronization of the servo-driven movements and an accurate diagnostics and supervision of the system in real time. The machine is also equipped with a module that enables the recovery of the kinetic energy of the carriages during deceleration, converting it into electrical energy that is returned to the line.

The technical solutions adopted to achieve the servo-driven movements are patented and are a distinguishing feature of the Plastiblow machines. Today Plastiblow can state that with the surprisingly low energy consumption measured on our machines, at comparable working conditions, we are the leaders in this field in the blow moulding industry. The extrusion head design guarantees an excellent control of the extruded parison and it is optimized to achieve quick colour changes. The machine is also equipped with an integrated bottle leak tester for detecting eventual defective products.

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