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Dry-offset printing on bottle caps gets to Europe

Technology - Wednesday, 18 July 2018

In less than a few weeks, Moss will install a new high-speed printer for bottle caps. The machine MO 2062 uses dry-offset printing technology and the processors selected a 3-color plus background printing and 2,500 pieces per minute configuration. However, the premium company that ordered the machine - a supplier of world leaders in beverage field - has already planned to expand the productivity of the line to 5,000 pieces per minute, namely the maximum speed of the machine.

The ink is dried directly in the machine with high-efficiency UV systems and caps are therefore ejected from the system bone-dry and ready to be boxed by an automatic Moss device installed downstream of the machine. Moss can look back on dozens of MO 2062 installed worldwide since many years, but for the Italian-based company this is a significant milestone along the road. This last MO 2062 is the first installation in Europe of a Moss printer for bottle caps.

Moreover, thanks to the sophisticated technology residing within the MO 2062, the company has been able to install this equipment into 4.0 smart factories for several years now. A PC/PLC runs the whole machine with a simple, intuitive and multilingual touchscreen. Thanks to remote control, it is also possible to make the machine interact with the customer IT system to allow gathering of production and energy use statistics, as well as to plan future productions directly from computer, tablet or smartphone. The machine, like the entire post-2010 Moss production, allows remote diagnostics and troubleshooting by Moss programmers to implement new software releases, resolution of technical problems and apply system changes.

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