Gummiwerk Kraiburg at Plast 2018

Direct integration of rubber in fibre composite materials and metal

Materials - Wednesday, 23 May 2018

To meet the growing requirements for chemical resistance and thermal stability, Gummiwerk Kraiburg (hall 11, stand C31) has expanded its product portfolio to include perfluor-elastomer-based (FFKM) compounds. This high-tech material is suitable for different applications. The materials of this product family start where other elastomers reach their limits. They are used in vacuum technology, as well as the chemical industry, machine construction and the semiconductor industry. They are also used in the oil and gas sector.

Furthermore, the company developed Kraibon for the lightweight construction sector. It consists of non-crosslinked rubber foils that can be integrated in a production step of the existing manufacturing process: Kraibon can be processed like prepreg (fabric that is pre-impregnated with resin) and adheres excellently to FRP (FRC, GFRP, SMC etc.) and also to metal during the joint hardening process.

At Plast 2018 Gummiwerk Kraiburg, a company of the Kraiburg Group, presents its materials in hall 11, stand C31. Amongst other products, it shows a roll in the Italian colours, as well as innovative roll compounds with special adhesive properties and extremely good abrasion.

The company has been producing rubber compounds since 1947 and, today, it offers compounds based on virtually all elastomer types, including silicone and fluoroelastomers for all common dry rubber processing technologies. Kraiburg compounds are used in the automotive sector, in machine construction, oil and gas production, roll production and by numerous other manufacturers of moulded rubber components.

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