A Moss machine goes to America

Decoration at full speed and without mistakes

Technology - Wednesday, 17 October 2018

A primary North American group, leader in the manufacturing of excellent cosmetic packaging has recently visited the Italian company Moss to test and accept its MS 1030 screen-printer for PETG skin cream jars.
The configuration of the machine includes a 36-station mechanical indexing turret, whose horizontal layout can accommodate several accessories. In fact, besides a dust and static electricity removal device to clean the surface to be decorated, a sophisticated and ingenious peripheral positioning device to exactly register each jar in the same position features the machine. This system has been designed by Moss to answer to the precise needs of the customer, which requires positioning the decoration in a very specific place of the jar.
The machine is also equipped with gentle jar-handling systems that has allowed Moss to respond to an additional and most important customer’s prerogative that is to avoid any scuffmarks on the shiny and clear jar surface.
Besides having accompanied the customer throughout the whole buying process, to counsel him in the choice of the most suitable machine and configuration to meet the decoration needs, Moss successfully introduced some important new features in this MS 1030. In addition to the three screen-printing heads (the maximum installable number of colours in the machine), an in-depth space optimization study has allowed Moss designers to include a print inspection system, produced by the Italian-based DecoSystem.
Servomotors that can be remotely configured using the featured B&R industrial control unit activate now jar loading and unloading automatisms, allowing the machine to reach the considerable production speed of 3300 jars/hour, meeting the customer’s target.

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