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Customer acceptance of airpop packaging rises

Plastic and environment - Wednesday, 3 February 2016

The German plastics packaging association (Industrievereinigung Kunststoffverpackungen) recently participated in an extensive survey on the image of plastics in Germany which has revealed pleasing results for the material EPS airpop. The survey was carried out by RiQuesta target-group research.

Compared to the last survey carried out in 2013, the image of packaging made from airpop material has improved by 11%. According to the survey, 54% percent of the population now view airpop packaging positively. The focus was on packaging for household equipment and consumer electronics. In the important group of decision-makers, there was an increase of 20% which was an even greater image gain.

The respondents felt the key benefit of the packaging was that it afforded high product protection while being low in weight. The recycling of the packaging and the associated conservation of resources was regarded with scepticism. “We are pleased that the image of airpop packaging has improved so significantly and particularly appreciate the practical approach to the material”, concluded IK General Manager Ulf Kelterborn. “The results show that the permanent public relations work over the last few years has borne fruit. In future, we will not only communicate the special product protection benefits but will also address the conservation of resources and in particular the good recycling options for the material”.

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