Primac upgrades and relaunches DrenoCovering

Continuous covering of corrugated drainage pipes

Technology - Wednesday, 4 April 2018

By upgrading the DrenoCovering machine for covering corrugated drainage pipes with PP geotextile, the Primac brand of the Dosi group relaunches one of its patented technologies. The unit is equipped with two synchronised haul-offs which pull the pipe at the same speed as the extrusion line, while the welding is performed continuously by a welding head, equipped with electronic controls which adjust its power according to the type of covering textile and the welding speed.

The system uses two fabric coils, the first one for the process, while the second one is ready to replace it when it runs out: this avoids downtimes, ensuring a continuous and precise production even in case of changeovers, which can be performed easily and quickly. The machine can be programmed from a touch screen panel managed by a PLC, and diameter changeovers (from 50 to 200 mm) do not require any additional tooling.

This solution is ideal for both flexible and rigid pipes and works with all materials of all types and specific weights.

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