Xenia launched Xecarb 11

Composites based on PP reinforced with carbon fibre

Materials - Wednesday, 10 April 2019

On the occasion of Mecspe 2019, (Parma, Italy, March 28-30) Xenia brought to market the new series Xecarb 11 of thermoplastics composite grades reinforced with short carbon fibres. After over a year of testing and improvements, Xecarb 11 final result represents the ideal solution for a wide range of applications in chemical, industrial and sport fields which require a high modulus to density ratio.

Due to their carbon fibre reinforcement, the new compounds are electrically conductive. They additionally present a tensile strength at break up to 115 MPa, a great chemical resistance, higher heat deflection temperature, better dimensional stability and reduced post moulding shrinkage, together with a better hardness of the surface and an excellent resistance to UV rays.

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