Polyvalent units by Frigosystem

Cold and heat together

Technology - Wednesday, 27 June 2018

The request to reduce investments and operating costs of industrial refrigeration plants, using renewable energies and responding to stringent requirements and incentives for global sensitivity, is increasingly common. Frigosystem has recently introduced 4-pipe systems as a solution suitable for all those industrial plants with the need to heat and cool at the same time: in fact, the coexistence of very variable loads in the same type of plastic process transformation plant, make the simultaneous demand of warm and cold water an increasingly frequent feature.

The constructive approach that characterizes the H4F polyvalent units is designed to maximize their useful effect. The maximum efficiency of the TER (Total Efficiency Ratio) system is achieved with simultaneous loads, when all the energy produced is used to ensure the thermal and cooling demand of the entire system: for example, in winter, the heat generated by cooling of the extrusion or injection process, it can be totally recovered to heat the sanitary water or feed the most modern floor heating systems, without any additional energy cost. In installations characterized by simultaneous opposite thermal loads, the H4F units thus become the most efficient solution. The plant is simplified, maintenance is halved, energy consumption is drastically reduced.

Thanks to the evolved control logic, the simultaneous production of cold and warm water is autonomously managed by the unit based on real needs and the variability of environmental conditions.

The Frigosystem H4F units are designed for outdoor installation, have independent hydronic circuits and do not require manual switching. They use ecological gas R410A. The range includes cooling powers up to 430 kW and heating up to 540 kW.

The warm water is supplied at a temperature of 55°C, and with the Booster option it is possible to reach water temperature up to 80°C.

The very high efficiencies at partial loads make it possible to meet and overcome seasonal efficiencies in heating (SCOP) and cooling (SEER), defined by the guidelines for eco-sustainable design. The accurate control of variable speed ventilation as standard on all models and the use of dedicated components allow the unit to operate with outdoor air temperature from -10°C to 46°C.

With the Frigosystem FS i-Link module, the H4F polyvalent units can be monitored and serviced via the web. The H4F units are, today, one of the best and most efficient solution for all industrial plants where refrigeration and heating coexist: an intelligent and automatic system to optimize the economic and energy resources, avoiding the dispersions deriving from the installation of several units separated and dedicated to a single parts of process.

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