WM thermoforming machine in Belgium

By train and by plane with the Speedmaster Plus

Technology - Monday, 16 March 2015

The Swiss manufacturer of thermoforming machines WM Wrapping Machinery has recently delivered a vacuum pressure forming machine with steel rule cutting and holes punching to De Ster company at their headquarter facility in Belgium. De Ster is a worldwide well known company specialized in the supply of prestigious tableware, designed and developed in partnership with world-class brands for onboard service of aviation and rail. De Ster’s extensive product range for the contemporary leisure traveler offers convenience by meeting all needs for cost effectiveness and practicality. Range of products includes caps for beverage solutions, hot meat solutions , premium tableware and packaging. List of De Ster customers is impressive and includes all the most important worldwide airway companies.

The thermoforming machine supplied by WM Wrapping Machinery is an FC 780 E IM2 HP Speedmaster Plus model and sizes 780x570 mm of forming area. This is a four stations unit equipped with reel-holder with automatic unwinder, double heating oven, first station for forming and possibility of in mould cutting, holes punching press, additional cutting press and final counting stacking system with a 3 axis robot. In the forming/cutting station a servomotor driven plug assembly is installed as well as quick mould locking and centering and in the additional cutting press XY adjustment of the steel rule cutting tool are available on both the upper and lower platens and heating plate for the steel rule is also fitted as standard supply. The FC Speedmaster Plus is a new generation of vacuum and pressure forming machines assuring the highest level of automation: thanks to the new B&R control system and dedicated software guarantees efficiency and higher performances with any material. Constant forming quality, short re-tooling time, high accuracy in cutting, flexibility and ease of use are only few of the winning points of the FC 780E IM2 Speedmaster Plus thermoforming line.

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