Carmel Olefins widens the Capilene range

Arcoplex presents new grades of polypropylene

Materials - Wednesday, 10 October 2018

During a technical meeting that took place recently at its headquarters, Arcoplex presented new polypropylene grades with improved aesthetic and mechanical features developed by the represented companyCarmel Olefins.

The first novelty concerns the PP grades Capilene Y 50 LE and Capilene SW 70 LE for automotive applications, including interior linings, an application requiring low emissions of volatile substances. Both grades comply with the emission tests according to the VDA 278 method.

Capilene Y 50 LE is a homopolymer with high fluidity and low deformation, suitable for interior coatings for the automotive sector and containers for food and toys. Capilene SW 70 LE is a copolymer with high fluidity and good rigidity, suitable for interior coatings for the automotive industry and containers for food and toys.

The second novelties regards the widening of the Capilene C range with PP grades with special features and improved mechanical qualities.
Capilene CE50E is a PP copolymer recommended for the production of “squeezable” cans as it offers a higher softness compared to previous grades. This grade has also excellent gloss, transparency and resistance to migration. Capilene CU78AM is a special polypropylene combining the typical advantages of standard copolymers with random copolymers’s ones. This grade is featured high strength, flexibility and lightness, making it particularly suitable for the production of suitcases.

Capilene CT71A is a PP copolymer recommended for the production of caps thanks to the improved “opening force”, without sacrificing the impact performance. Impact resistance and processability are higher than standard random PP grades normally used in the caps and closures sector. Capilene CW85AV is a PP copolymer suitable for the production of containers for the food industry. This grade has an excellent transparency even at thicknesses greater than 1 mm and regarding the mechanical features it can be compared to the Capilene CP71AV.

Capilene QP85AV: PP high-fluency random copolymer (MFR 85) designed for the production of high-transparency articles. It can be used pure or mixed up to 50% with PP homopolymers, mantaing good optical properties.

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