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An “unfashionable” company

Technology - Tuesday, 24 February 2015

A company does marketing to communicate and reaffirm its values to the world. However, marketing can get caught up in current trends and end up dressing up the company in fashionable garb, not always in a way that best suits it. What often happens in these cases is that the marketing effort no longer communicates the company’s core values, instead seeking to give people what they want to hear using the hot concepts of the moment. In this light, Moretto now wishes to present its "dress code" for 2015. It wants to make it clear just how unfashionable it is by reaffirming its conviction that the best service to the customer is achieved by maintaining an unwavering belief in the Made in Italy.

“Our challenge for the coming year is to continue to fully design, develop and manufacture our products here at our headquarters in Massanzago (near Padua, Italy). We are convinced that this the only way to guarantee our full reliability and attention to our customers, regardless of their country. More than anything else, it is our uncompromising product quality control and quality assurance that keeps us close to them,” stated CEO, Renato Moretto. “Here at Moretto, we don’t devise a corporate image to communicate to the world, we simply are what we are: quality, precision and complete control of the production chain and of each individual process. Moretto guarantees the origin and quality control of all things bearing its brand, both products and services. This is what makes us a successful company that continues to grow and evolve. Moretto is a sound company that bases its success on the capacity to evolve and grow, building its future, step by step with the firm conviction that only the use of well-recognized resources and processes makes it possible to achieve constant and long-lasting quality. We invest in our customers and for our customers.”

In what exactly does Moretto invest? Certainly in research and maintaining a constant presence of specialized personnel all over the world. Moretto is present in 57 countries, with sales branches in Brazil, Germany, Russia, Poland, Turkey and the United States. In 2015 it will participate in over 50 trade fairs and events.

But there’s more: a flame red motorhome will drive the roads of Europe this year to bring Moretto’s most exclusive technologies straight to the customer’s door. With 82 square metres of exhibition space on 10 big wheels, customers will be able to get their hands on the company’s equipment just as if they were in a trade fair or at the company headquarters. In March the touring exhibition will be in Germany before moving on to France, Spain, Austria, Switzerland, Poland, Czech Republic and Hungary. Plastics processors will have access to the machines as well as a wide range of video documentation on applications, installation, use and maintenance of Moretto products.

All those interested in finding out when and where to participate in the road show and in setting up appointments can contact Moretto directly.


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