Ambienta enters Amutec

Technology - Wednesday, 13 November 2019

Europe’s largest sustainability focussed investment fund, Ambienta announced the completion of its investment in Amutec, a leading manufacturer of machinery for the production of biodegradable and recycled bags for multiple applications.


Amutec, based in Greve in Chianti (Florence, Italy), is among the strongest European players in its reference market, with a comprehensive product offering covering sectors such as waste, fruit and vegetable and industrial applications, a broad geographical reach and a unique business model translating in a compelling competitive positioning and a robust performance.


Founded in 1996 by Luciano Conti, Amutec has been a first mover in addressing key environmental concerns, which have been crucial contributors to the company’s performance. Amutec’s machines promote better waste management through innovative waste bags made of recycled plastic and reduce the use of plastic in commercial environments through the introduction of more sustainable bio-based polymers.


Amutec operates in a fragmented market backed by attractive fundamental drivers. Today, the company faces the opportunity of further develop its commercial reach and product offering, in addition to driving consolidation alongside other players with significant potential synergies. Ambienta is very pleased to support the company in seizing these opportunities providing financial and managerial resources, in partnership with the founder Luciano Conti and through the appointment of Paolo de Angelis as CEO.


Luciano Conti, founder of Amutec, commented “I have found in Ambienta a knowledgeable and straightforward partner, whom I believe will provide the skills the company needs to capture the many opportunities I see on the market. I look forward to partnering with Ambienta and further develop the company over the coming years.”


Paolo de Angelis, CEO of Amutec, added “I am honoured to join the project and work alongside Ambienta, Luciano and his team to drive the company to its full potential.”


Francesco Lodrini (in the picture), partner at Ambienta, concluded “Amutec has achieved remarkable results addressing two key environmental issues: favouring the adoption of biodegradable polymers vs traditional single-use plastics in retail environments, and favouring the adoption of recycled plastics and better waste management practices in Europe and other geographies where a portion of waste is still not adequately collected and managed. The company is an ideal platform to capture both organic and external growth and we look forward to pursuing these different growth levers. We are proud that Ambienta has once again been selected as the partner of choice by a talented entrepreneur to propel his company to the next level.”

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