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Adiabatic process for Frigosystem

Technology - Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Developed by Frigosystem for industrial process cooling, ACE (Adiabatic Cooling Energy) is a new range of industrial air/water exchangers relying on the adiabatic principle. This cooling system relies on the physical principle by which the evaporation of water lowers the ambient air temperature. This principle, i.e. the adiabatic principle, allows the exchange of energy between water and air. The energy required to evaporate water is taken from the ambient air, as a result reducing its temperature.

The ACE adiabatic dry coolers use ambient air for process water cooling. Thanks to powerful fans controlled by an electronic unit, the ambient air is drawn through a PVC evaporator screen which is moistened uniformly by the patented Showering water distribution system with anti-scale and auto-clean functions. The air flow passing through the water-soaked cavities of the evaporator screen is cooled down, as a result releasing heat into the water, which in turn evaporates. In contrast with traditional dry coolers, this process ensures higher efficiency to ACE dry coolers whilst keeping the same water consumption and contamination requirements typical of a closed loop system.

This range of dry coolers offer, therefore, an effective, safe and technologically advanced solution for industrial processes that require cooling water supply at temperatures between +5°C and +35°C without using a compressor, but relying on ambient pressure instead.

Thanks to its modern design, the ACE systems represent highly eco-sustainable solutions that are able to guarantee energy savings and environmental protection. The fluid inside the cooler is always clean and free from external contaminants, therefore water treatments are not required other than the addition of the glycol solution in the quantity needed for anti-frost protection.

The benefits provided by the new dry coolers can be summarized as follows:

- lower environmental impact with regard to energy consumption and noise

- water consumption reduced by up to 95% when compared to a traditional cooling tower

- clean water and elimination of scale  formation typical of traditional open cooling Towers

- operation for much of the year without consuming water thanks to the adiabatic function which is started automatically whenever needed in relation to the ambient temperature, especially during warmer periods

- easy and cost-effective maintenance

- higher efficiency in the production process

- PID electronic control

- fan speed control for energy saving

- possibility of interfacing with a Frigosystem chiller for optimal control of the whole cooling system.

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