Magic MP takes over Automa

A historic blow moulding brand stays Italian

Technology - Wednesday, 18 April 2018

The Italian manufacturer of blow moulding machinery with global operations, Magic MP, has recently acquired the brand and know-how of Automa, another Italian company operating on the international blow moulding market. The purchase decision was dictated first and foremost by Magic MP’s wish to not lose a historic name like Automa from Italy’s industrial heritage, after a company based in Turkey demonstrated interest in the company.
However, Magic MP wanted to pre-empt things partly to avoid the Turkish competitor from gaining strength from the transaction on its home market, which has always been of great importance for the Monza-based company, as the conspicuous portfolio of Automa customers around the world shows.
Plast 2018 will provide the opportunity for the first public appearance for Magic MP after the takeover, and the two brands will appear side by side at a single exhibition booth, making the new ownership official in front of an international audience.

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