From Vicenza to Friedrichshafen

A complete range of injection machines for every need of moulding

Marketing - Wednesday, 25 October 2017

At Fakuma 2017, Plastic Metal exhibited a 280-ton double injection moulding machine in the context of a moulding station for the production of wheels for toys of the brand “Clycformers”. The machine displayed was a HE version that proved the top performances, quality production and energy saving of the hybrid machines manufactured by Plastic Metal. The moulding station was equipped with ancillaries provided by F.lli Virginio, in order to show the efficiency of automation during production.

Plastic Metal manufactures injection moulding machines for thermoplastics with double toggle clamping system and clamping force ranging from 50 up to 3,200 tons and double closing system from 1000 up to 1,800 tons. The company is customer-oriented and provides flexible solutions to meet its customer’s production requirements. Its 15,000-sqm headquarter and manufacturing facility is placed in Gambellara (Vicenza, Italy) and presently employs about 100 people. Through its sales and technical service network, Plastic Metal is present in almost every Italian region and in the main European and foreign countries. It is specialized in supplying leading companies in the furnishing industry, as well as in the household, floriculture, automotive and medical applications. It is also specialized in the production of machines for moulding containers for the packaging industry and, in particular, closures used in the food, medical, cosmetic, and industrial fields.

The product range consists of several series of IMMs with a clamping force from 50 to 3,200 tons, also configured for multi-component or high-speed moulding. They are the MultiPower range - SP (full hydraulic machine with servo pump); H and HE (hybrid machines); Duo (two platen machine); CL (long stroke machine); PET (machine for PET preforms) - and the Elettryka range - full electric machine.

Plastic Metal, through its 100% owned subsidiary company F.lli Virginio, also manufactures ancillary equipment such as conveyor belts, granulators, mixers, hopper loaders and other accessory items used for the automation of plastic processing. By its forty-year experience in the market F.lli Virginio develops new applications and advanced automations systems for all industrial processes, as well as designs and produces customized turn-key systems.

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